Evolution of Marketing mediums & methods since 1741 to current times

From the first magazine published in the year 1741, to the first billboards during the late 1800s, the art of getting grabbing eyeballs and turning it into sales has gone through a dramatic evolution over the past few hundred years. Over the years marketing evolved with technology and marketers have always found new ways to use technology for their benefit. This is a great illustration of how marketing has changed and grown when it comes to various mediums and method. Continue reading

AltaVista: Fall of a Legend Dec 15, 1995 to Jul 8, 2013


One of the most popular search engines from the 1990’s was AltaVista. It was acquired by Yahoo in 2003. As of 1998, AltaVista used 64-bit 20 multi-processors with 130 GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard disk space, with as many as 13 million queries every day. This made AltaVista the first searchable, full-text database of a large part of the World Wide Web. Continue reading

Free Download! Digital Marketing Plan in Word format

Free Digital Marketing Plan templateA marketing plan should be seen as a tool which helps – and forces – you to take a structured approach to marketing and selling your products or services in the cheapest and best way possible.

ROI should be one of the key factors while designing a marketing plan. The purpose of a marketing plan is to map out the decisions you
have made to determine the future success of your business. And any
business, of any size, will find that invaluable. Continue reading

Google AdWords Image Extensions: Feature or more Noise in SERPs?


With the new AdWords Image Extensions; Google determines a searcher’s intent is to find visual content which is likely to trigger Image Ads along with the regular text Ads. An example could be, a search for “Sports car designs” which is more apt to show image extensions than a query for “car dealerships in Berlin”. Continue reading

New launch: Google’s Content Experiment API for Analytics


Google today launched, a tool that allows developers to easily test their websites’ content with programmatic optimization – its called the Content Experiments API. The Content Experiments API is deeply integrated with Google Analytics, hence various custom reports and dashboards could be used. As per Google, “this API makes Google Analytics a full-blown A/B testing platform where developers of all types can leverage the power of Google Analytics to run their experiments.” Continue reading

How to create a Digital Marketing Plan for your customer

digital-marketing-planAs digital marketing continues to evolve and consumer purchase cycles becomes more complex, marketers struggle to find ways to get the maximum returns on investment. In a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research, 82 percent of the buyers researched online before making a purchase. It is time to evaluate your digital marketing strategy and develop a solid model to drive improved results. Continue reading

How to run an Adwords campaign with “Zero Dollar Marketing Budget”?


We have discovered a market segment that usually doesn’t have an AdWords account, doesn’t have a technical person on staff… and doesn’t have a marketing budget.

You might be wondering “How would clients promote themselves without a marketing budget?” ­ Well, what if you could give them one! Imagine if you could get your prospective clients $10,000 per month worth of Google AdWords advertising budget – completely free every month, FOREVER! ­ That’s $120,000 per year. ­

And in return, clients pay you an agency fee per month to manage the Adwords Account. Continue reading